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Cavendish deVere provide supply and installation services for Lino, Linoleum and Marmoleum in Haggerston E2, London. We also provide specialist Marmoleum fitters for fitting Marmoleum only.

Grey Marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum flooring

What is Marmoleum made from?

Marmoleum is plain old Linoleum with a twist from Forbo. A compound of pressed linseed oil stuck fast to a tough jute backing, it comes in an exciting array of styles and colours.

Marmoleum flooring

Is lino difficult to fit?

Yes - and it is expensive to buy in the first place, so it is really best left to a professional marmoleum installer.

Marmoleum floor

Expert linoleum installers

We have fitted marmoleum floors all over Haggerston E2 both commercial installations and domestic. We have the best fitters with the most experience.

Marmoleum flooring

The advantages of Marmoleum floors

They are environmentally friendly, they are durable - some have been known to last for 40 years, they are soft and warm underfoot, they clean well and they are good for allergies.

Lino flooring

The disadvantages of Marmoleum Flooring

The floor can stain, dent and scuff, it is not good around pets and it is expensive to buy and fit.

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Marmoleum & Lino Haggerston

When you need specialist Marmoleum flooring fitted by experts in Haggerston E2, give us a call because we are the professionals.

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