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Cavendish deVere Interiors of London

Flooring, carpeting, painting and decorating

We pride ourselves on maintaining the very highest standards, using on the finest materials to create the best interiors in London.

Our Environmental Policy

We recycle all cardboard tubes and polythene sheets, underlay, excess carpet and cuts and all other types of flooring at the offical waste recycling centres in every Borough of London.

Our achievements in 2015 / 2016 were:

  • To review our company van policy to ensure more environmentally friendly choices of vehicle are available and as such we purchased 2 new Ford Transit Vans with greater fuel efficiency than the Vauxhall Vivaro models they replaced.
  • We replaced all the bulbs in our head office with energy efficient LED bulbs.

Cavendish deVere Services Ltd is a privately owned company specialising in floor laying. We are committed to taking steps to control and minimise any damage our operations may cause to the environment through transport, energy usage and packaging. In particular we are aware of the issue of climate change and we continue to seek to understand and minimise our carbon emissions.

We recognise that our activities impact on the environment, and as such we have created an environmental policy to help identify and minimise these impacts.

We ensure that our policy is:

  • Regularly checked, updated and agreed by our senior management team
  • Implemented through our day to day activities
  • Monitored for success on an annual basis

Cavendish deVere Services Ltd commits to:

  • Preventing pollution from activities at our head office and any site we work at
  • Continual environmental improvement
  • Complying with applicable environmental legal and other requirements

The company aims to mitigate the risk of an environmental incident. However, in the event of an incident that may lead to pollution, the company will put in place response plans to reduce the potential impact on the environment. Cavendish deVere Services Ltd recognises our duty to inform the Environment Agency in the event of pollution being caused by our activities.

Cavendish deVere Services Ltd aims to:

  • Minimise production of waste and increase recycling rates by following the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Minimise consumption of energy and water
  • Minimise the environmental impact of activities on site
  • Minimise emissions from vehicle use
  • Promote the use of materials with recycled content or from sustainably managed sources

About us

Cavendish deVere Services Ltd Limited. Company Number 09189490. Registered office: Showroom, 58 Church Street , London. SE19 2EZ ENGLAND

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What People Say

Used these guys for a paint / carpet job in Slough. They were extremely professional, communicative, and even finished early! Their daily updates on their pinterest account helped greatly since I was coordinating the job from our US office. 5 stars all around!
- Matt V of Slough February 2016

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