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Lino, Linoleum and Marmoleum. At Cavendish deVere we supply, install Linoleum in Clerkenwell EC1, London. We will also provide a Marmoleum floor layer even if you have purchased the flooring elsewhere.

The Range of Marmoleum flooring

Lino Marmoleum flooring

And what is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is old fashioned linoleum but made by Forbo from a compound of pressed linseed oil stuck to durable jute backing. It is tough, eco-friendly and beautiful to walk on.

Lino Marmoleum flooring

Is Lino easy to fit?

Yes and it is expensive to buy too so get it cut and fitted by an expert - especially in a small spaces like bathroom or kitchen.

Marmoleum floor

Expert Lino fitting

At Cavendish deVere we have fitted some of the most complex Linoleum floors laid in anywhere Clerkenwell EC1 - large commercial installations of Marmoleum and much smaller doemstic ones.

Linoleum flooring

How to install a Marmoleum floor

Get it installed by a professional with experience in installing lino in the first place. It must be fitted onto a very flat, smooth surface.

Marmoleum floors

How to maintain a Marmoleum floor

It gets tougher over time as the linseed oil cures but in te frst few years don't dent it, get a mat to brush feet so it doesn't scratch and don't steam clean it.

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Marmoleum & Lino Clerkenwell EC1

When you a specialist Marmoleum installer in Clerkenwell EC1, give us a call. We are the very best in London.

Call us and see how we can help you, today. Our number is 0203 540 7274